6 Sugary foods that should be avoided during lockdown

Sugary foods are not just bad for the health but could also contribute towards a weight gain

sugary foods

Sugary foods are one of the biggest culprits that could lead to many health issues. Lockdown due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to stay at home and not go anywhere as a measure to avoid the spread of the virus. Amidst the lockdown, it can be tough to maintain a workout regime or eat what is right. There could be times when you might end up eating sugary foods which might be good for your health and could affect your blood sugar levels or could affect in some other way. Here are some if the sugary foods that you need to stay away from.

1. Iced Tea or flavoured coffee – Iced tea and flavoured coffee are beverages that contain a lot of sugar and can be harmful for the health. You can instead opt for regular coffee or tea that does not contain sugar or has very less sugar.

2. Low-fat yogurt – You might be thinking that low-fat yogurt is healthy, but the fact is that they do not contain much of fat and flavor and even the companies who sell such packages, add sugar so it tastes better. You can instead opt for a full-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt which are much better options.

3. Ketchup – This might have surprised many, but it is a fact that ketchup contains a lot of salt and sugar and could be harmful for the health if consumed in high portions. Make sure that you watch your proportions.

4. Protein bars – These are loved by people who like to keep their weight in check as they make you feel full for a longer time. But be careful while picking up one as some of the protein bars have added sugar in them.

5. Packaged fruit juice and soda – It is better to opt for whole fruits instead of fruits juices as they do not contain any fibre but have empty calories with huge amount of sugar in them.

6. Sugar-free products – Such products which call themselves as β€˜sugar free’ hardly serve the purpose. If these are consumed in large portions then they could also lead to digestive issues.

Photo Credits: Pixabay