5 Things parents should not tell to their kids

There can be times when parents might end up saying something that could affect their kids in the wrong way


Different parents have different approaches in terms of parenting. Many might relate to the fact that there have been times when they unknowingly or knowingly say some words or sentences to their children that can lead to psychological or physiological issues. It is during the childhood days, when parents need to be very careful what to talk and what not to talk with your kids. There are many things that could put a negative impact on their personality, emotions and behavior. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are talking to your children.

1. Do not talk bad about their appearances – Do not say anything like you look fat or that outfit does not look good on them. Such statements make them insecure and that also makes them worry about their body image. This can also lead to problems like eating disorder. You can instead make your kids accept the way they are and teach them how to love themselves.

2. Do not compare with other kids– This is the worst damage that you can do to your child. Many of us might unknowingly make comparisons with other kids and this can only induce self-esteem. They might even end up thinking that they are not good enough no matter how much they try.

3. Do not make them feel inferior – Do not say sentences like you wish they were born later or you wish you had an abortion. It can make them feel they are very unwanted and can also lead to problems like depression and the feeling that they are not wanted.

4. False promises – Make a promise that you are actually going to fulfill. Do not make empty promises when you know you are not going to fulfill. They might feel betrayed and will never trust you again.

5. Abusive words – No matter what do not use any abusive words in front of them and do not try to argue with your spouse in front of them. This can make them feel depressed and also make them feel they do not have the right environment.

Photo Credits: Pixabay