7 Ways to help a friend deal with a break up

Breakup is never pleasant and a friend is the best companion under such circumstances

break up

A breakup is a very tough situation to deal with and it can become even more tricky when your own friend is going through it. This is because we are not in their situation and cannot understand the pain that they are going through. Many times we do not understand how to help them as we cannot relate to their pain. A friend is the best person who can actually help the person from getting in to depression. There are ways where we can help our dear friends who are going through a break up.

1. When it is just the beginning, it is first very essential to allow the person to vent out all of her or his frustrations through emotions like anger, crying, sadness or any other negative feelings. Make sure that you are always by their side.

2. You need to help the person quit from the ex completely – You have to dispose off everything that is related to the ex for instance, pictures, emails, gifts, letters, and other things are such items stop the person from recovering from what has happened to them.

3. Do not discuss anything about the ex – Your friend might want to discuss about their ex but you have to make sure that he/she does not do it . You can try distracting them from that particular topic and encourage them to get involved in other activities.

4. Do not be mad at your friend if they are not being nice to you – This is a tough time and you need to e patient. There can be times if they are mad at you or are getting angry easily. Just be calm and do not react the other way.

5. Be a good listener – Your friend needs a good listener at the moment and not the one to give advice.

6. Make them realize that it is not the end of life.

7. If the above does not help, then you can opt for a therapy and ask for help from an expert.

Photo Credits: Pixabay