JetBlue makes it mandatory for its passengers to wear face coverings on flights

JetBlue now also requires its passengers to wear face coverings during the flight to stop the spread of coronavirus


American low-cost airline JetBlue has become the first major U.S airline to make it mandatory for the passengers to wear face masks. The passengers during the travel will have to wear masks which will help to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The airline announced its new policies on April 27, 2020 and said that the new guidelines goes in to effect from May 4, 2020. JetBlue had earlier made it mandatory for its crew members to wear coverings while working.

Joanna Geraghty, the president and chief of JetBlue said that by wearing a face covering, you are not just protecting yourself but also protecting other crew and co-passengers on the flight. Geraghty added that this is the new flying etiquette. Despite the fact that the cabin air is well circulated and filtered every few minutes, but since this is a shared space where people also need to be careful while taking care of other people’s health as well. The CEO of JetBlue added that they are also encouraging the customers to follow the new guidelines at the airport as well.

This means that the passengers will be asked to cover their mouth and nose when they are travelling and this will include while they are boarding, while travelling and also while deplaning. On the other hand the Delta has also announced that it will be joining the American, JetBlue and the United Airlines where it will require its employees to wear face coverings or face masks.

Travel restrictions have been put in place in a number of countries due to the coronavirus pandemic and about 80 percent of the flights by airlines have been cut and only the essential travel has been encouraged. Many of the airlines are suffering economic loss due to the travel restrictions and some of them have also surrendered their fleet as they do not have any hopes of revival of travel industry in near future.

Photo Credits:  Pixabay