12 Signs that can indicate hormonal imbalance in women

Women are prone to hormonal imbalance, but there are a few indications that you need to look out for

hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is a very common condition in women and they are prone to it. The bad news is, this can have a serious impact on them if they continue to ignore it. Hormones generally affect the mood, their cravings for food or sometimes weight. There can also be times when they might experience excessive bleeding which can be fatal. Hormones are actually the chemicals that are produced by the glands which are in the endocrine system and are released in the blood. Here are a few signs that can indicate hormonal imbalance in women.

1. Women can experience night sweats and difficulty in falling asleep due to hot flashes.

2. If the estrogen, insulin and cortisol levels go up then it can lead to a sudden increase in weight and it can also make it tough to lose weight.

3. When estrogen levels fluctuate, it can lead to mood swings and can also be called as pre-menstrual syndrome.

4. Women can also experience constipation issues, abdominal pain, bloating issues or sometimes even loose motions.

5. Some women can also experience skin issues like acne which makes the skin worse.

6. some women can also experience hairfall which usually happens due to low cortisol levels. Women might also lose more than 100 strands in a day.

7. When the hormones are imbalanced, some might even experience excessive sweating and makes them feel uncomfortable.

8. Menses can become really painful with severe pain in the lower abdomen.

9. When the estrogen levels go down , it can lead to weak bones during the perimenopause and menopause period.

10. Change in the estrogen levels can also lead to vaginal dryness and this can happen more during menopause.

11. Some women might experience frequent urination, constipation and even a painful intercourse.

12. When thyroid hormone levels get imbalanced, it can make the women feel lethargic all the time even when they are not working.

Photo Credits: Pixabay