Starbucks joins hands with Beyond Meat to debut in China

Starbucks is all set to offer Beyond Meat foods in Chinese market


The meatless burgers had become immensely popular in the US and abroad before the coronavirus pandemic had hit. More and more fast food chains had adopted the meatless burgers and included in their menus due to their immense popularity. One of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of the meatless options was the growing awareness among the people to go began and be health. Beyond meat is one of the largest producers of the meatless options and now Starbucks is all set to debut the Beyond Meat products in China, which is on its way to recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

The coffee giant has made three dishes that are made with the Beyond beef alternatives out of which two are made with pork alternative. They are made from the Hong Kong based Omnipork. Starbucks is also preparing to offer oat milk by Oatly which is a non-dairy substitute or the customers in China.

Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are the companies that make realistic meat alternatives and studies have shown that they have shown negative environmental impacts of meat consumption and may of the consumers had reduced their mat consumption and opt for the plant-based food instead.

Talking about the market in China, Starbucks has already opened about 95 percent of its outlets in the Asian country. The outlets were temporarily closed after a lockdown was declared in many of the cities due to the coronavirus pandemic. Starbucks and Beyond Meat have joined hands and the recent joint venture will also mark the debut of Beyond in the Chinese market. By the end of 2020, the maker of the plant-based meats is planning to expand its manufacturing in Asia. Before Asia, Starbucks has already started offering the plant-based sandwich in Canada. Beyond Meat is one of the popular foods across the globe as more people are opting for the vegan option. Many people have also switched to be vegan.

Photo Credits: Pixabay