5 Side effects of consuming too much of garlic

Garlic is a great herb but too much of consumption of it can cause various other health issues


Garlic is a spice which is very commonly used in Asian cuisines and also has a number of health benefits. For years, health experts have been talking about its goodness and how it has been beneficial in treating many health conditions. But not many are aware that there are also a few ill effects or side effects of the pungent spice. It is not just a traditional medicine but is also high on nutritional value. Before you get down to add garlic in your diet, have a look to some of its side effects ad make sure that you use it wisely.

1. Can cause skin rashes and itchiness – The herb contains certain enzymes which can cause skin rashes and itchiness. Any skin ailment can be irritating and this is why it is important not to consume too much of it.

2. Can cause bad odor – Garlic surely has a pungent smell an can make your mouth smell bad an lead to bad breath. Though this is not much of an issue as you can use a mouthwash or a mouth freshener after consuming garlic.

3. Can be tough on the digestive system – The herb contains certain compounds which can be harsh on the digestive system which can lead to bloating, gas or even loose motions. There are also chances that it could cause a heartburn, which can also lead to vomiting or other gastric issues.

4. Can cause headache – There have been cases where consumption of too much of garlic can cause headache and sometimes it can also cause migraine. Just make sure that garlic is not consumed raw. This does not cause a headache directly but can surely trigger the process.

5. Can cause yeast infections – Yeast infections is a very common issue with women and too much of consumption of garlic can lead to infection in the private areas.

Moderation is the key which has to be followed with all foods. Everything that is consumed in excess can cause trouble and this also applies to garlic.

Photo Credits: Pixabay