Frequent hand washing and too much use of hand sanitizers could lead to dermatitis

COVID-19 outbreak has forced everyone to develop a habit of washing hands and using hand sanitizers frequently but it could lead to dermatitis

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The world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization, people are urged to frequently wash hands and use hand sanitizers as a preventive measure. But not many are aware that there is also a side effect to it. Constant hand washing and too much use of hand sanitizers could lead to some extreme skin conditions. This could also lead to a skin condition known as dermatitis. It is also known as eczema which results in inflammation of the skin and can result in itchiness and red rashes. Here are a few ways you can be careful while washing hands.

1. Frequently use a moisturizer –Keep a thick moisturizer handy and after every hand wash, smear your hands with the moisturizer while it is damp. Using a moisturizer while the skin is damp, helps to penetrate the lotion deeper in to the skin.

2. Wear latex gloves while washing utensils – As many countries are under a lockdown, the house helps and maids are out of work which means that you have to wash your own utensils. Wear protective latex gloves when you are washing utensils .

3. Avoid using hand sanitizer – It is better to avoid a hand sanitizer as far as possible. Use a hand sanitizer only when you do not have access to water and a soap based hand wash.

4. Use moisturizer based hand wash – Even if you are moisturizing your hands after hand wash, you can opt for using a moisturizer based hand sanitizer. The market has a number of options when it comes to liquid soap based hand washes.

5. Do not try to make your own hand sanitizer at home – Since not everyone might know about the proper proportions, it is better to buy a hand sanitizer of a renowned company from the pharmacy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay