4 Interesting activities and games to be played with family during lockdown

Lockdown is a time when people might be bored while being self-quarantined but a few activities and games can make things interesting


Several cities across the globe are facing a lockdown. The situation has forced many people inside their homes so they remain safe from getting themselves infected from coronavirus. It has been a long time since the lockdown has been imposed and people especially the children are having a tough time dealing boredom. While the elders can spare some time while doing household chores, children get bored quickly of playing the same old games. While the regular indoor games can be played, here are a few more games and activities that can be done to entertain your kids at home during quarantine period.

1. Play cards – Card games is a great option to kill time. A pack of cards is a great idea to bring together the family members and have some fun. There are a number of options like rummy, UNO, Poker and a number of other games which can be played with kids and help them make the most of their time at home.

2. Have fun while recreating old pictures – This is a simple activity that can be done by picking out an old picture from your family album and try recreating it with the same poses and if possible at the same spot where it was clicked earlier. It might not be a very fun activity, but it will surely bring back your old memories.

3. Treasure Hunt – Instead of selecting one particular thing. You can gather a bunch of things like books, bottles, toys and other things and mark them as treasure. Hide them in different places in the house and house premises. The family member who collects the most items becomes the winner.

4. The observation game – It is a game that can be played with the entire family. Members can be asked questions that they have observed like – Which tree is opposite your house? Or Name the person whose house is two blocks away. This will show the observation skills of the members and the person who has answered most of the questions wins the game.

Photo Credits: Pixabay