Corona Beer announces halt of production during coronavirus pandemic

Corona Beer company has announced that it will stop its production after the government has named it under non-essential business

corona beer

The Corona beer, also known as the Corona Extra has been one of the top selling beverages in the United States. But the brand started to get attention due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The company has now announced that it is temporarily halting the production of the beverage after it has been named as a non-essential business. The announcement was made on Twitter by Grupo Modelo on April 2, 2020 and added that it will stop the production of the beverage from April 5, 2020.

The Mexican government has declared the breweries as non-essential businesses. The company is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev and added that it has already started the process of decreasing the production. The Mexican government on March 31, 2020 declared a health emergency and has ordered a suspension of all the non-essential activities till April 30, 2020. The measures have been taken by the government to minimize the spread of coronavirus. As of April 4, 2020 the number of cases of COVID-19 crossed 1,600 and about 60 deaths have been reported.

On the other hand the beer manufacturing company appeared to argue that beer should be considered as essential under the agricultural business segment. The company has argued that more than 15,000 families benefit every year as they cultivate malted barley and about 800,000 grocers depend on the sale of beer that accounts for 40 percent of their income. Grupo Modelo has also announced that it will be donating about 300,000 antibacterial sanitizers that is produced from the beer. It is a new trend which is becoming popular among the distilleries.

The company is also planning to announce new measures in the upcoming days. When the pandemic had just begun, many people by mistake had associated Corona beer with the virus. A survey had found that in February 38 percent of the Americans had said that they will not be buying Corona Beer under any circumstances, but now the scenario has changed and only 4 percent have talked against it.

Photo Credits:   Pixabay