Walmart to provide basic screening for employees before shifts

Walmart employees will be checked for temperatures before their shift begins


While many businesses continue to remain in operation amidst the coronavirus crisis, measures are being taken to assure the safety of the staff members as well. For Instance e-commerce giant Walmart has said that it will begin checking temperatures of their employees to keep a check on the workers about any possibility of a COVID-19 infection. Apart from the temperature check, the employees will also be undergoing a basic health screening.

The retailer added that it is ordering masks and gloves for its employees and they could wear them if they choose to for their safety. A Walmart website post had an announcement from the president and CEO John Furner and Kath McLay, the president and CEO of Sam’s Club, who said that the steps are being taken as a measure to ensure the safety of their employees during the ongoing coroanvirus pandemic. It was further assured that it is also sending infrared thermometers to the stores and this could take up to about three weeks. During the screening process, if any of the employees has a temperature of 100.0 degrees or more then the employee will be paid to report at work and will be returned home or would be ordered to get themselves checked at a medical facility.

If any of the employees have high temperature, they will not be allowed to return to work until they are free from temperature for at least three days. Walmart has also assured high quality masks for its employees, which will not be the N95, but of good quality. The employees would get their masks in 1 or 2 weeks.

Walmart since the past few weeks has placed a number of measures due to the sudden rise in the demand for groceries and the growing number of coronavirus patients across the country and the globe. The store has also reduced the store hours so that the staff has more time to clean up and restock.

Photo Credits: Pixabay