Coronavirus: Airlines are giving up beverage services to avoid contact with passengers

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the flight attendants will no longer serve beverages on flights to avoid contact


Flights in the United States have now started allowing the passengers to bring their own food. But now the passengers will also have to bring their own beverages as well. Some of the big airlines in the United States are introducing a few major changes in terms of the freebies that are being given to the passengers like the drinks and snacks due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some of the airline likes the American Airlines, Southwest and the Delta Airlines have said that they are on a temporary basis suspending the beverage service and also cutting the meal service which will help to reduce the cost and will also help the flight attendants to have minimum contact with the passengers.

The changes that have been made had seemed to be about unthinkable as the industry is dealing with a declining revenue due to empty flights. More people are now avoiding to travel in different countries due to the fear of the virus and the airlines are now depending on their respective governments to survive the year. There are also a few that are appealing for the shutdown of the domestic flights as well. Talking about American Airlines, from March 27, 2020, the flights which have a short span of about 4.5 hours will no longer serve meals in the first class. There are a very few long haul flights due to the travel restrictions placed by many countries.

The Delta Airlines, with immediate effect, will be reduce the number of snack offerings and the first class passengers will be getting boxed meals. It will also stop offering alcohol for everyone. The only beverage that will be available to order will be bottled water. The changes are made to avoid the usage of glassware and hot towels in first class.

The Southwest Airlines will no longer serve beverage and snacks starting from March 25, 2020 to avoid contact with the passengers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay