Signs your cat might be suffering from depression

Pet parenting can be a challenge and cat parents can look for signs of they are suffering from depression


It is fun to have cats at home as pets. Only cat parents can understand that every cat has a different personality. Some can be social, some can be playful while some can be reserved as well. Since they have different personalities, there are also chances that your cat might suffer from depression. However, it is possible to observe the signs that they can show. Here are a few signs of depression that you can look for in your cat.

1. They stop grooming – Cats have a habit of grooming themselves by licking themselves for hours together. Observe if they have suddenly stopped grooming themselves as is can be a sign that your cat might be depressed.

2. Being lethargic – it is a very common habit of playing for some time and having a long nap. But if they are not interested in playing or being active, then it can be a sign that something is wrong. Cats are indeed lazy but they often find something to do and if they have a companion they often spend time with each other. If your cat has suddenly stopped taking interest in things that it had enjoyed earlier, it might need help.

3. Being too vocal – Notice if they have suddenly become too vocal and have started expressing very loudly. This might be a sign that they are mentally disturbed. They express their feelings by yowling or crying.

4. They might become irritable – There can be chances that they might suddenly become irritable and aggressive. It might start hissing and growling over petty things.

5. Change in eating habits – There are possibilities that your cat might stop eating and lose its appetite. A cat parent always knows what food and how much food their cat has on a regular basis. If you see some changes there are possibilities that you cat might be depressed.

Photo Credits: Pixabay