Things you can learn while you are self-quarantined due to coronavirus

While you are self-quarantined due to coronavirus, there might be many things that you might realize


It is a lockdown like situation across the globe as people around the world are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The virus has managed to spread in different countries after it originated in the Wuhan province of China. As the number of infected patients are rising everyday, governments are practicing lockdowns and are encouraging people to work from home. While many people might find this convenient, many people might learn a few things while they are quarantined at home.

1. You realize importance of good internet connection and proper chairs – when you are working at home you realize how it is important to have a good and fast internet connection and how the bean bags and stools are of no use. Working at home means you need to have a proper chair and table like you have at the office.

2. Value of communication – It becomes tough to communicate and writing formal emails for every single thing becomes a task. Communicating things without expressions becomes even more difficult and makes it tough for the people to convey in the right sense.

3. It is tough to work from home – Many people think that it becomes easier to work from home, but the fact is that when you are at home, you tend to have many distractions as a lot is happening around. You might have kids at home who might refuse to give up your company.

4. You miss social interaction – You also realize how important social interaction is and you might miss those times when you got to spend quality time with your friends and colleagues.

5. You tend to get exhausted – Self-quarantine can become a challenge when you do not get a break from seeing the same people around you. You might want to take a break and go out but the circumstances do not allow.

6. You get to catch up with different shows – Self-quarantine due to coronavirus will allow you to catch up with the web series or other shows that otherwise you might not get time to watch.

Photo Credits: Pixabay