6 Signs your child might be having a learning disability

A few children tend to suffer from a learning disability but that often goes unnoticed by parents

learning disability

There are many children who have trouble writing, reading and understanding things. But the actual challenge is to differentiate between a child facing a regular problem and a child that has a learning disability. Though this might not be a problem with many children but it is essential to know about a few facts and about the differences. However, every child does face a few issues while studying but such problems vanish with time. But if they do not then you need to be careful and need to check if your child needs to be checked. Here are a few signs that can hint that your child could have a learning disability.

1. Mixing up words and letters – Children who have learning disability tend to mix up words and letters while they are writing or reading. They might make spelling mistakes or could get confused between the letters.

2. Problems with sounds and pronunciation – Sounds and pronunciations are important and if your child has a tough time linking letters and sounds then it might be a sign of a learning disability. There are chances that the child might make mistakes while certain pronunciations, writing or reading.

3. Trouble concentrating on studies – Though it is quite normal to be distracted but it can be a cause of concern when the child is not at all able to concentrate at all on anything.

4. Frequently scoring bad in academics – It is OK to be average, but if the child is frequently scoring bad in academics, then this could be a bad sign. However, poor academics is not responsible alone but when it is combined with other problems, then it can be a sign.

5. Not able to differentiate between similar letters – Sometimes children tend to mix up with the similar letters. For instance they might be confused between Ns and Ms or Cs or Ks.

6. Not able to remember – There are also times when the child is not able to retain the things that he has read. This could also be a sign of a disability.

Photo Credits: Pixabay