5 Ways to take care of sensitive skin amidst coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak has forced people to wash hands frequently, which in turn can be hard on the skin

hand wash

Washing hands regularly and frequently is the need of time as coronavirus is spreading fast and is gripping people who have poor immunity and poor hygiene habits. However, washing hands with soap or liquid hand wash can be harsh for the skin, especially those who have a sensitive skin. Here are a few ways people with a sensitive skin can take care amidst the need to frequently wash hands.

1. Keep moisturizing – Buy a good hand cream and keep moisturizing your hands every time you wash your hands. Usage of soap makes your skin dry and flaky and a good hand cream helps to restore the moisture.

2. Dry your hands completely – Washing with water frequently can affect the skin in a number of ways. For instance it reduces the natural oil of the skin and makes it prone to infection which can spread from wet hands. So it is wise to dry So it is wise to dry our hands completely.

3. Use a moisturizer based hand wash – The market also has hand washes that are moisturizer based and can prevent your hands to get dried up despite frequent washing. But still it is advisable to use a hand cream after washing hands with a moisturizer based hand wash.

4. Wear gloves – While doing some of your everyday chores, you can wear gloves which can reduce your hand’s contact with some of the cleaning agents like car wash, utensil washing liquid, shampoo and other such cleaning agents. It reduces the need to wash hands frequently and helps the harmful chemicals away.

5. Take ample precautions – Do not wait for your skin to be dry and keep applying moisturizer frequently. Dry hands can tend to give you discomfort and pain if they become sore. If you have an underlying skin condition then you need to take extra care and make sure that you take your medications regularly.

Photo Credits: Pixabay