Coronavirus: 5 Reasons to remain optimistic

Despite the outbreak of Coronavirus there are a few facts that people need to know


People across the globe are in a state of panic due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The virus originated in the Wuhan province of China and has now managed to spread to other countries like Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Bangkok, Italy, England, India, Japan, South Korea and more. Since the past week there has been an in the number of positive cases. It is surely a time to be deeply cautious and concerned but that does not mean that you have to panic. The situation is surely not favourable but there are still reasons to be optimistic. Here are a few reasons you can remain optimistic despite a tough situation.

1. Be informed about the virus – Situation is better now when compared to the 80s era when it was tough to detect any virus. Coronavirus was detected in about 7 days since it began in China. The virus has been transmitted from animals and people and is known as COVID-19. It is an air-born disease and can be spread due to proximity with people who are infected.

2. 80 percent of the cases are mild – There are very less chances of the virus to go to another level. Most of the people who are infected have a mild infection and are not severe. People are appealed to remain informative and cautious and not cause a global panic.

3. Children are less vulnerable – This is yet to be confirmed but experts say that the virus mildly affects the children as compared to the adults.

4. It is treatable – It is a fact that there is no prescribed treatment so far but COVID-19 is not a serious problem and is indeed treatable with rest and medication. Moreover, infected people who have respiratory issues are only admitted to the hospital for extra care and treatment. There are many people who have recovered.

5. Risk can be minimized – Just a few precautions can do the magic like washing hands regularly covering mouth whole coughing and sneezing and keeping the surfaces and surroundings clean.

Photo Credits: Pixabay