Amazon to deliver some products on the same day

Amazon will be setting up local warehouses that will help to deliver products in just a few hours


Amazon has been contemplating with the idea of one-day shipping for its Prime Eligible purchases, but now it seems like the company has better plans. The Amazon prime members residing in Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Dallas will now be able to have their orders delivered on the same day and that too within just a few hours.

Amazon has assured that there will be about three million products that will be marked as ‘Today By’ that can be ordered by the customers for a speedy delivery on the same day in the cities that have been mentioned above. The plus point is that the packages can be delivered even when the customers are asleep. The customers have to select the Overnight By 8AM option and the package that has been ordered will be delivered between 4:30 AM and 8 AM.

Talking about how the system is going to work, the items will be delivered to the customers that are at the local fulfillment centres. Amazon said that this will also help them to deliver faster and will also help them to lower the carbon emissions. Since the fulfillment facilities are close to the customers, the deliveries do not need to be transported by an aircraft and even the distance that has to be covered will be reduced. In 2019, Amazon had promised to make half of its deliveries carbon neutral by 2030. With the recent development, it seems like the company has already started to implement a few measures.

Whether the deliveries are good or bad for the environment remains a question as the small warehouses established for such a facility, needs power, heating and cooling and all of them lead to more emissions. Such a model can also encourage the customers to frequently place orders and can also result in more trips which can result in more emissions. The establishment of local warehouses will create jobs but the company does not have a pleasant track of employee satisfaction.

Phone Credits: Pixabay