4 Conditions millennials are prone to develop

Millennials can be less healthy in many ways when compared to the earlier generation


Millennials are people who were born during the 80s or the 90s and have reached adulthood during the 21st century. Compared to the earlier generation, such people seldom visit the doctors and only visit one in case of an emergency or would prefer to go to the pharmacy for convenience or saving time. If you are thinking that such people are more healthy as they hardly visit the doctors, then wait and think if you are correct. Millennials are usually not healthy enough and are less healthy compared to the previous generations. Here are some of the health conditions that the millennials are vulnerable to.

1. High blood pressure or hypertension – Youngsters these days undergo a lot of stress due to constant pressure of work schedules, targets and other pressures from the peers and professional background. Stress is one of the major reason people become prone to high blood pressure. It seldom shows any symptoms unless it goes up really high.

2. Depression – When things do not go our way or when things are not in our favour, then a person becomes prone to undergo depression which is a serious mood disorder which is treatable. Under such a condition, it becomes difficult to handle the everyday chores and the person constantly feels lethargic.

3. Type 2 diabetes – This is one of the most common forms of diabetes and happens when the body is not able to produce ample insulin. Type 2 diabetes can be developed due to the genes and also due to a sedentary lifestyle or due to stress.

4. High cholesterol level – Millennials are very prone to have high levels of bad cholesterol which usually happens due to leading a sedentary or unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy diet, consumption of saturated fats, lack of physical activity, smoking, obesity are factors that can lead to high cholesterol levels.

Despite the above threats, all of these conditions can be easily managed but for that one needs to have determination and the greed to lead a healthy life.

Photo Credits: Pixabay