5 Foods to be avoided when suffering from common cold

Common cold is when the body needs plenty of fluids and consuming certain foods can make things worse

common cold

A change in the weather can take a toll on the health, especially those who have a poor body immunity. Common cold is a very common problem that many suffer from under the bad weather or under changing weather circumstances. People who are suffering from common cold should avoid.

1. Coffee and tea – This might surely surprise you as coffee and tea often soothes a sore throat or a person who has common cold. The caffeinated drinks are like diuretics, which means that it takes away a large portion of water and salt from the body. When you are suffering from cold, the body needs to be hydrated. Such caffeinated drinks provide a good kick but you can avoid them for a few days till you recover.

2. Sugary food or drinks – Intake of too much of sugar can lead to damage the immune system and this is more important when the body is fighting with viral infections. It is better to avoid sugary stuff when you have cold. Be it chocolates or sugary soft drinks, avoid them all unless you are fit enough.

3. Alcohol – Many might think that consuming rum with some honey can help a congested chest. But this is a very wrong conception as consumption of alcohol can increase the lung inflammation. This also reduces the number of white blood cells from the body which is needed to fight cold.

4. Milk – Milk is surely healthy and has a number of health benefits, but it makes the mucus even thicker and can make things worse. Try to avoid any kind of dairy products when your body is fighting with common cold.

5. Spicy food – Chilies contain capsaicin which helps to manage inflammation. But it also increases the production of phlegm. This means that though spicy food can be good, but it can reverse the effect in the long run.

Overall, it is more important to remain healthy and maintain the immunity of the body to avoid common cold completely.

Photo Credits: Pixabay