Coronavirus : Fastfood companies begin contactless deliveries

Fastfood companies intend to protect their employees from the ongoing coronavirus scare with the help of contactless deliveries


Coronavirus outbreak in China has drastically affected the businesses in the country. But that has not allowed the spirit of the establishments to go down and are trying different ways to survive. Some of the big brands like McDonalds and Starbucks have received a major impact but have found a way under such circumstances as well. The eateries and other companies are now preparing for contactless pick-up and delivery services that will help the staff members and the customers safe.

Fast food giant McDonalds has already implemented contactless pick-up and delivery services of some of its items like Big Macs, fries and more of its items across the China as the outbreak continues in the country. The customers, as usual order online with the help of mobile phones or laptops and the employees then seal the meal in a bag and put them in a special spot, from where they are picked up and such a process avoids human contact.

While talking about delivering orders, the drivers from the eateries drop the packages at the entrance of the building. The packages which are delivered are then disinfected. People who are delivering and picking up wash their hands frequently to keep away from the virus. Moreover, the drivers who are delivering have identity cards that prove that they and the people who have made and packaged the food have been scanned for temperature and do not have any fever.

McDonalds also released a statement that mentioned that they continue to work further to take preventive measures. Coronavirus has so far infected about 68,500 people in the world and has killed 1,665 people as of February 16, 2020. Some of the big cities in China continue to remain deserted as no one comes out or travels. The economy in China continues to struggle and even the Chinese New Year holiday was also not celebrated due to the ongoing situation.

Photo Credits: Pixabay