8 magical diet tips for would-be brides

Brides need to just follow a few diet tips that can help them to look at their best on their big day


The wedding day is when every bride wants to look at her best as it is a special day that is never going to come back. Many brides-to-be prepare for their big day since months before their actual big day. Some of the brides might even go under a panic state as to what to do and what not. But here are a few tips in terms of diet that would-be brides could follow and remain stress free.

1. Do not indulge in the fad diets which are indeed trending, but will surely take away the glow from your face. It is advisable to have a balanced diet and include everything that the body needs in terms of nutrients.

2. Bring a balance in your diet by consuming a balanced diet by consuming a proper balance of meat, eggs, dairy products, cereal and pulses.

3. Consume food that is prepared at home. Would-be brides should avoid to eat outside as they contain a lot of sodium and refined fats which can make you feel bloated.

4. When you are hungry at an odd time while you are shopping outside, make sure that you carry a few nuts or a fruit along with you. You can end up eating unhealthy street food when you are tired after a shopping spree.

5. If you are feeling lethargic and feel the need of some energy, you can opt for fresh juice or coconut water which are enough to raise your energy levels. Avoid sugary drinks as they have high amount of sugar content.

6. Give up tea and coffee. Replace them with green tea or herbal tea which are the most natural sources of anti-oxidants.

7. Avoid consuming refined foods like fried stuff, foods that contain refined flour, snacks that contain butter or other fatty stuff.

8. Begin your day with a fruit instead of tea as if will be gentle on your stomach. Have a healthy breakfast in the morning.

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