Thailand doctors claim they have found medicine for treating coronavirus

Doctors in Thailand have claimed that the drugs used for treating HIV helped a patient recover from coronavirus


China is facing its biggest crisis with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that originated in the Wuhan province of China. The situation has gone out of control and has also started affecting other countries as well. With a remarkably new virus, there is no prescribed treatment or vaccine so far. But a group of doctors in Thailand have claimed to discover a cure from the deadly virus. The doctors have said that HIV drugs can be administered to the patients suffering from the virus.

Thailand has the second highest number of cases. The team of doctors experimented on a Chinese woman who was brought to a hospital in Thailand, who was given a mix of medicines that included anti-viral drugs that are mainly used to treat flu or HIV. The woman showed visible improvements, but the results are yet to be published. The recovery is said to be speedy. After the woman was administered with the medicines, she was able to move properly. The 71 year old patient tested negative of coronavirus after just 48 hours of the first dosage that she was given.

If the experiment proves to be successful, then it can be a great way to combat the virus that is spreading like wild fire and is also claiming many lives. The total number of deaths due to coronavirus has gone up to 362 in Philippines. The first case of the virus was identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. The illness causes mild respiratory issues with fever and cough. In the United States, the threat of contracting the virus is low.

Experts have claimed that the virus originated at an open-air market in Wuhan, which is now shut down. However, there are also people who are recovering from the virus and are being discharged. Health experts are urging people to take ample precautions to keep their immunity intact and avoid moving around in public places.

Photo Credits: Pixabay