5 Side effects of consuming low-carb diet

Low-carb diet can be good for losing weight, but it also comes with its own set of side effects

low-carb diet

Lifestyle these days has become intense and has on an average increased the body mass index (BMI) of many people. The increase in BMI has forced people to lose weight and that would also mean to put restrictions on the diet. Apart from exercise, people also switch to low-carb diet (with low carbohydrates) which contributes to the weight loss regime. But not many are aware that being on a low-carb diet can have its own side-effects. Here are a few side effects that low-carb diet can put on health.

1. Makes you feel fatigued and week – One has to keep in mind, that healthy carbohydrates are essential for the body and if it is deprived, then it can lead to feeling of fatigue and tiredness. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body and if they are cut then it is going to put an effect somewhere. A headache is the biggest sign of lack of carbohydrates in the body.

2. Disturbs the digestive system – Carbohydrates also contains fibre, which aids in the digestion. If they are reduced then to tends to disturb the digestion system and can also disrupt with the bowel movement. People can even suffer from constipation as the body is not getting ample fibre.

3. Makes you feel hungrier – Carbohydrates also contains essential nutrients and helps the person to feel full for a longer time. But then the body is deprived of it with low-carb diet, then this might lead to make them feel more hungry and can also lead to have hunger pangs.

4. Makes you irritable – An empty stomach always makes a person irritable and can lead to mood swings. If the body is deprived of ample carbs, then it can also lead to mood swings and anxiety.

5. Can lead to chronic health conditions – Insulin always helps the body to regular blood sugar levels in the body but low intake of carbohydrates and high fat intake can confuse the way the body responds the insulin. This can lead to conditions like diabetes.

Photo Credits: Pixabay