5 Ways bitter gouard can be beneficial

Bitter gouard is a wonder vegetable which is good for health, skin and hair

bitter guard

Bitter Gourd is a vegetable which might be severely bitter in taste, but has a number of health benefits. The vegetable is not just good for health but is also good for the skin and hair. People who regularly consume the veggie can notice some great benefits to their body. People who are health concerned, can include this in their diet and see the benefits. Here are the benefits of eating bitter gourd on a regular basis.

1. Good for the liver health – Bitter Gourd has a number of benefits and works like a detoxifier for the liver. It improves the liver enzymes. The vegetable also helps people who are dealing with hangover from alcohol that is deposited in the liver. It also helps in the good health of the bladder.

2. Good for skin and hair – People who want to have healthy hair and a good skin must include bitter gourd in their everyday diet. The veggie is stuffed with antioxidants along with Vitamins A and C which are beneficial for having healthy hair and skin. People who are suffering from s few skin issues like psoriasis, ringworm, dandruff and itching can be benefited by consuming the vegetable.

3. Good for people with diabetes – People who are suffering from diabetes should regularly consume Corolla as it also has a compound that works like insulin. It is helpful to deal with both Type I and Type II diabetes. People who consume bitter gourd juice can be highly benefited.

4. Good for heart health – People who have bad cholesterol levels can start consuming Corolla which helps to reduce the LDL levels. LDL is bad cholesterol which increases the risk of heart issues. The fibre content in the vegetable decreases the risk of heart attack.

5. Reduces the risk of cancer – The vegetable helps to improve the immunity of the body and also prevents infections. People who regularly consume this can reduce the risk of cancer.

Photo Credits: Pixabay