Stress can be directly linked to skin issues

Stress can put an adverse effect on not just health but also the skin


Stress has become a very common and a very unavoidable part of everyday life. It is the lifestyle that many have adapted which leads to stress in the modern-day busy life. It might be easy to deal with minor stress issues, but when things become tough, then it can take a toll on your health and can affect different parts of the body. It is known by many that stress can lead to depression and can affect the metabolism, digestive tract or could also lead to diabetes, asthma and gastrointestinal problems. But not many are aware that stress can also affect your skin.

Eruption of pimples is one of the common problems that can be caused due to prolonged stress. This can erupt just before your job interview, or due to some personal issues. Moreover, such a situation can become worse for those who are already facing skin issues like psoriasis. Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Kusumika Kanak, from Columbia Asia Hospital has informed that stress and skin issues are directly linked to each other in a number of ways. Kanak further explained that, when the person is facing stress, the body releases free radicals and adrenaline, which leads to an increase in the sensitivity of the skin.

Due to this, stress not just causes skin issues but also makes the problem worse. People who are already dealing with skin problems, stress can delay the healing process and makes things even worse. Reports state that it can also have a negative effect on hair and nails. Many people have also reported about unexplained hair loss when they are stressed.

The good news is that stress is unavoidable but is not unmanageable. You can help yourself by keeping yourself calm and composed in different situations. Make sure that you take good care of your skin no matter how stressed or tired you are. You can also practice Yoga and meditation to manage your stress levels.

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