5 Signs you might be too dependent on your partner in a relationship

A relationship needs to have a good balance and over-dependence can make things worse


A relationship needs a balance to be maintained. Things need to be worked out or communicated in the right sense to make a healthy relationship or it would go completely out of control. One has to understand to maintain a distance and not depend too much on your partner. Many times too many expectations hurts yourself. Here are a few signals you can look for that can indicate that you are depending too much on your partner.

1. You do not give time to yourself – It is good to spend time with your partner, but that does not mean that you end up spending all the time with your partner. There is something that is known as private space. Spend some ‘me’ time to discover yourself and understand your needs.

2. You do everything with your partner – If you are depending on your partner for every single thing, then that might not be healthy for a relationship. Constantly texting them, calling them, or going to the movies only with your partner can make things a little sticky. Spend time with friends and family members as well.

3. You Give importance only to your partner’s interests – If you are at a point when your partner’s interest is what exists in your life, then it is time to wake up and share your interests as well. Integrate your ambitions and wishes between the two of you and let your partner know what you are interested in. This might spice up things in your life.

4. You need an approval all the time – Happiness does not have to get approved from your partner. Make sure that you keep up the essence of yourself in the relationship.

5. You are possessive and insecure – If you like to hangout with your friends, your partner also has a set of friends. If you cannot handle your partner going out without you, then this can be a warning sign and time to take a back seat and let your partner enjoy as well.

Photo Credits: Pixabay