Fans wish Rowan Atkinson on his 65th birthday

Several fans took their social media account to wish Rowan Atkinson in his birthday

Rowan Atkinson

British actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson has turned a year older and fans are all over the internet to wish their favourite star on his birthday on January 6, 2020. Atkinson is responsible to make the childhoods of many memorable with the character of Mr. Bean that he had played. Many fans of the star took their respective social media accounts and thanked him for giving them a memorable birthday. Some called him the Comedy King while others said that he had super natural powers of making them laugh without speaking a single word.

Rowan Atkinson was also known for playing the lead role in the series of action-comedy films Johnny English. The series was a great humorous version of some of the action packed flicks like Die Another Day and James Bond. Another fan of the actor listed some of his remarkable performances and appreciated his efforts and talent.

Rowan was last seen in the film Johnny English Strikes again which released in theatres in 2018. This was also the year when the star had fallen victim to a hoax which claimed that the actor had passed away in a car crash while he was attempting a stunt. The report had gone viral but soon a leading daily clarified that the news was fake and that their favourite star was doing fine.

Rowan Atkinson had started off on Radio with a series of comedy shows for BBC Radio 3 in the year 1979 and was known as The Atkinson People. The programs on the radio had included satirical interviews with some of the fictional men, who were actually played by Atkinson himself. His popular Mr. Bean had first appeared on New Year’s Day in 1990, which was a half an hour show for Thames Television. After the success of Mr. Bean, several sequels of the show were made until 1995 and the character then also appeared in a feature film.

Photo Credits: Pixabay