Plan an Unforgettable Road Trip This 2020

road trip

Road trip on your mind?

Many resolve to plan atleast one road trip at the start of a new year, so what’s stopping you? People do things on their travels that they’d never do at home – foreign soils seem to encourage us to push our boundaries – which is a great, confidence-boosting thing! Because if you’ve got the gumption to bungy jump in New Zealand or skydive over Hawaii, just think what else you might be able to do? Oh, and it’s heart-thumping doolally-bonkers fun, too.

Imagine piling everything you’ve got into the boot of your car and just heading wherever the mood takes you, not giving a stuff if there’s traffic ahead or worrying that you’ll be back in time for tea. To journey on the open road is to taste real freedom – you learn to throw caution to the wind, get off-the-beaten path and stumble across places you never even knew existed.

The beauty of a road trip is that you can go almost anywhere. From epic coast-to-coast journeys in the USA to winding your way through Eastern Europe, the possibilities are endless. As long as you have a reliable vehicle and an adventurous spirit thrown in too, the world really is your oyster.

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Classic routes include the Pacific Coast Highway on America’s West Coast; South Africa’s picturesque Garden Route, full of lush vineyards and rocky shores; and Ruta 40 in Argentina, one of the longest roads in the Americas. Always check the road traffic rules for countries that you’ll be driving through – laws vary greatly from country to country and you may also need to obtain a specific permit such as an International Driving Permit or a Carnet de Passage. There’s no recipe for adventure, let your creative juices flow as you map out an untraveled path. The joy is in discovering untreaded paths.

So where do you plan to head out to this 2020?

Photo Credits:Pixabay