3 Reasons Why You Should Cry, Sometimes


To cry or not to cry.

Do you know why a lot of people refrain from having a good cry? Crying is sometimes viewed as a weakness in our society. However, nobody should ever feel ashamed or less of a person because they’ve cried, regardless of their gender or age. The action of shedding tears serves a useful purpose and carries with it several emotional and physical benefits.

Relives Stress — Whether feeling stressed after a loss, because of your job, social pressures, family problems, or anything else, crying will help you to relieve the pressure built up inside. Ever wonder why you feel better after a good cry? It’s because, when you cry, you release hormones — endorphins — that improve your mood and make you feel stronger. They’re the body’s natural painkiller.

Clears Sinus — So many people today suffer from sinus problems. Your breathing becomes congested, you get a headache, your eyes hurt, and sometimes you can barely function. Crying can relieve your symptoms. With a good cry, you’ll help to clear your sinuses of all the gunk that’s built up inside of your nasal passages. Although at first, you might feel more congested after crying, the additional moisture generated will allow you to blow the congestion out and ease your suffering.

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Improves Vision — If you suffer from allergies, you understand how they can affect your eyes, making them feel tired, scratchy, and irritated. When you’re uncomfortable because your eyes are bothering you, it can make it harder to focus or just to see in general. Crying will help to flush those irritants out of your eyes. Once your vision clears, you’ll feel less tired and more productive overall.

Crying is a natural human reaction. It allows the release of both positive and negative emotions that have built up inside of you. It’s also an action that can help you deal with minor physical irritants. Never be afraid to cry; it’s a healthy outlet in your life.

Photo Credit: Pixabay