4 reasons why sunscreen should not be avoided during winter season

Winter is a time when the sunrays are stronger and usage of sunscreen is more essential compared to other seasons


Winter is a time when skin problems are high and you need to take good care. Since the weather tends to become dry, it also shows it effect on the skin, which also becomes dry. It is also a time when we tend to consume less water which leads to some of the skin problems like dryness and itchyness. Many people in this weather avoid using a sunscreen lotion. But there are good reasons why sunscreen lotion during this season should not be avoided.

1. UV rays in Elevated areas are stronger – Hilly areas are places which are elevated due to which the UV rays tend to become stronger. People who reside in the hilly areas, need to be more careful about the sun rays and should apply sunscreen lotion at least half an hour before they step out. UV rays at such elevated areas are about 4 percent higher than the normal places.

2. Snow tends to power up the UV rays – If you are one of those who live at places where it snows, then you need to look out and be extra careful. The snow reflects about 80 percent of the UV rays which doubles the exposure. Under such circumstances sunscreen of a good SPF should be used to avoid damage to the skin.

3. Glass window is of no help – Many people think that window glass can block the sunrays/UV rays. The skin does not remain safe even when you are sitting next to the glass window. 50 to 60 percent of UV Rays still penetrate the glasses of the window and tend to damage the skin.

4. Mid-winter season is harsh – It is the mid-winter time when the UV rays remain at their best and damage the skin the most. Do not travel with bare skin ever during this time and always wear a sunscreen that has a goof SPF.

Photo Credits: Pixabay