5 Health benefits of potatoes for those trying to lose weight

Potatoes can actually aid in losing weight due to the number minerals and nutrients that it has


People who are on a weight loss spree might avoid consumption of potatoes due to its high calorie content. But not many are aware that eating potatoes in a proper way can actually be healthy and might even help you with your weight loss. It has to be clarified that potatoes in excess does leads to weight gain. Anything in moderation can be healthy. Here are a few benefits of consuming potatoes when they are eaten in moderation.

1. Good for bone health – Potatoes contain magnesium and potassium which are good contributors for bone health. The minerals help to prevent bone loss in women and men.

2. Good for heart health – The vegetable is rich in fibre, vitamin C and B6 and does not contain any cholesterol which is good for the heart. Fibre content brings down the excess cholesterol levels in the blood and also protects the heart. Consumption of fibre is even otherwise good to avoid heart issues.

3. Good for the immunity – Not many are aware, but the vegetable is good for building a good immune system. Leukocytes are produced by the human body when a person is not well or due to inflammation. Potatoes help to reduce Leukocytes.

4. Good for digestion – As mentioned earlier, the vegetable contains fibre which is great for the digestive system. It also helps to keep the conditions like diarrhea away as they are rich in potassium. The body tends to lose a lot of potassium in such conditions.

5. Good for people who suffer from kidney stones – The root vegetable prevents the recurrence of kidney tones. The minerals like magnesium play an important role in prevention and since it is low on calcium it is even better.

So if you love potatoes but are on a diet spree, do not hesitate and go ahead with a moderate and oil free serving of potatoes which can actually help you and also vanishes the cravings.

Photo Credits: Pixabay