5 Parenting tips for working mothers

Working mothers often struggle to take care of their child and office at the same time but a few parenting tips can make things easy

working mothers

Motherhood is a blessing as nurturing a child is not just an experience but also a time when you want to give your child the best of everything you could imagine. It becomes a bigger challenge when a child has to be taken care of by a working mother. Taking care of a child in itself is a challenge, but for a working mother it becomes a bigger task to manage things on the professional front and on the home front. To make things a little easier, here are a few parenting tips for working mothers.

1. Talk frankly to your employer – It cannot be predicted when your child might need your presence and it could be an emergency anytime. Moreover, there can also be times when your presence would be important at your child’s annual functions, parents-teachers meeting or an appointment with the doctor. You need to make things clear that your presence could be required under special circumstances.

2. Plan your day – Invest in a planner that can help you to plan your entire day around your child’s needs. It not just helps to stay organized but also helps to maintain an efficient professional life as well.

3. Call your kids from office – At regular intervals, you can call your child at home. This will make them feel that you are connected despite being busy and this will also give you peace of mind that your child is doing well and is being independent.

4. Focus on your work – There can be times when you might feel guilty about not being able to give time to your kids. But the fact is that it is equally essential to work and follow your instincts. Focus on the fact that you have a beautiful child waiting at home.

5. Have a back up – Working mothers should always make sure that you have someone to take care of your child at emergency situations. Find at least three people from friends and family who can take care of your child in an emergency situation.

Photo Credits: Pixabay