5 Protein rich foods to be included during weight loss

When you are trying to lose weight, it becomes essential to include protein in the diet


Weight loss surely means to have a control on what you are eating and to have a regular exercise regime. When you are trying to lose weight, the body becomes vulnerable to low metabolism and also becomes prone to poor immunity. Under such circumstances, it becomes essential for the body to include protein in order to maintain the metabolism and immunity. Instead of taking supplements, it is best to find food that have a good protein source. Here are a few high-protein foods that can be included in diet when you are trying to lose weight.

1. Eggs whites – If you are too conscious to eat the entire egg, then even the egg whites can be consumed. They have high protein content and also makes you feel full for a longer time. Egg whites are also one of the most tasty health food options and are best for those who are trying to lose those extra KGs.

2. Chicken breasts – Chicken is one of the rich sources of protein and the breast portion is the best that can be consumed. It is low in calorie count and takes no time to cook.

3. Oats – Oats is one of the flexible foods that can be had in any form. They are stuffed with minerals and fibres and helps to keep you feel full for a longer time. It is good to include oats in your everyday diet as it helps to stay fit and also helps you to remain energetic for a longer time.

4. Cottage cheese – Cottage cheese is known for its richness in protein also contains healthy fat. It is also high in calcium and minerals and can be a great snack when you have hunger pangs.

5. Fish – Fish is rich in lean protein and the options like salmon and tuna are the healthiest and also the tastiest. They are not just healthy but also low on calorie count.

Photo Credits: Pixabay