5 Wise tips to avoid wastage this Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving feast often leads to wastage of food which is hardly avoidable


Thanks giving day marks the beginning of the Christmas season and is an opportunity that brings the family together for a nice and lavish meal. The festive season is an opportunity when we tend to cook more than that is required to remain safe as it as it should be sufficient for the members invited over. But many times, a lot of food gets wasted and this not just affects your pocket but also becomes a source of worry. Here are a few tips that can help you to manage wastage of food this Thanksgiving.

1. Use appropriate storage methods – Leftover food can be stored but you need to know the proper methods of storage, pickling and canning. Freezing and other methods helps to sensibly store the food and can be eaten for the next few days.

2. Shop for groceries sensibly – Decide the menu for the Thanksgiving dinner first, before you leave for the grocery store. Being absolutely clueless of the menu for the dinner makes us shop for more than is required. The menu can be decided days before the actual day so that you know exactly what is needed.

3. Avoid ordering food from outside – There is nothing more pure than home-made food. Though ordering from outside can be the best way to escape cooking for a big crowd. But outside food tends to spoil quickly and cannot be stored for a long time. So if food is wasted, then food that is bought from outside cannot be stored for a longer time.

4. Watch the serving size before you serve the guests – Holiday season does not mean that you make the guests overeat. You can politely ask the guest about the serving size before you actually serve them. If they prefer smaller portions, do not force them as this might lead to wastage.

5. Fertilizer – If the leftover food is not consumable at , then the best way to dispose them is to dump it in a compost pit. Instead of throwing it in to the thrash, this can be put in to the pits which can later on become a good fertilizer for the crops and plants.

Photo Credits: Pixabay