5 Healthy snacks alternatives for unhealthy snacks

People are prone to unhealthy snacking during winter but healthy snacks can keep a check on your weight

unhealthy snacks

Winter is here and it is the season for frequent snacking as people trend to become hungry more often. Hunger pangs between the meals become more common and people tend to crave for unhealthy snacks like deep fried stuff like potato chips, crisps which are stuffed with plenty of unsaturated fat and can make you gain weight easily. But there is a solution where you can replace such unhealthy stuff with healthy alternatives. Here are a few healthy alternatives for unhealthy snacks.

1. Popcorn – Popcorn is a snack that is quick to make at home and are healthy as well. They can be a great companion when watching a movie at home. It can be made more interesting more adding some spices of your choice.


2. Fox nuts – Fox nuts are also known as lotus seeds which is not just healthy but is also good in taste. You can make them taste even better by giving them a quick roast with some paprika and salt for added taste. They can be a little more expensive than unhealthy snacks, but make you feel fuller for a longer time.

3. Chips made of kale – Kale is a vegetable that has purple or green leaves. You can make them easily at home by baking a few of them in the grill. It contains a lot of fibre and antioxidants and is a good source of vitamin C and iron.


4. Home-made banana chips – Banana is a fruit that is stuffed with several nutrients. However, instead of buying it from the store, you can bake them at home and does not take much effort. They can be a great snack option and makes you feel fuller for a long time.

5. Beetroot chips – Beetroot is a vegetable that is stuffed with iron and can be consumed by those who suffer from anemia. People do not often indulge in eating this vegetable but chips made of beetroot treats the taste buds.

Photo Credits: Pixabay