4 Types of friends to keep a distance from

There are a few friends who can claim to be a good one but is actually a foe, here are a few ways to identify them


Friends are very essential part of our lives but not all friendships are worth as they could also be toxic and might not be good for your life. A person cannot be a good friend if they disrupt your mental peace. They cannot be your true friend. It is better to drop such toxic people from your life. Here are a dew kinds of people you should avoid having them in your life –

1. People who have selfish means – They could be like people who are too much self obsessed and always crave attention from others. They think every aspect of life from their own perspective and not from the others. Such people tend to occupy space in your life and they would end up being a burden in your life.

2. People who always criticize – There are certain people who love to criticize and constantly fund faults in all they go through or point out. Such criticism is never positive and leads the other person to be upset and angry. It is better to stay away from such people and it is not even advised to get in to a conversation, or you might end up spoiling your own day.

3. People who have fun in gossiping – Sometimes it is great to have a few people in the social circle who give you updates about people around them. But it is better to stay away from them. They are those people who take enjoy the drama around them and cannot live a life without gossip. If they are talking about others, then remember they will not hesitate to talk about you to others as well.

4. The on friends e who competes – Such people might claim that they are your friends but the fact is that they are the ones who are always looking forward to compete with you and are always boasting about their achievements, when you try to talk about yourself .

Photo Credits: Pixabay