5 Tips to take care of skin in 40

Skin care should be started early and 40s is a time when skin starts ageing and needs more care


Skin care is usually ignored by many people. People often take care of their health but ignore their skin and then regret when they are in their 40s. It is always wise to begin early to take care. During the 40s, it grows old and needs more attention and also needs a change in a routine as it is ageing. It begins to lose elasticity and starts ageing visibly. You might also find a few fine lines and slight sagging, which is an indication that it needs attention. Here are a few tips to maintain your skin health in the 40s.

1. Continue to cleanse, tone and moisturize – There are basics for proper skincare and you need to continue doing this no matter what. Cleansing cleans the dirt, toning closes the open pores while moisturizing keeps the skin hydrated.

2. Protect your skin from the sun – Ultraviolet rays can be harmful. Use a good sun screen lotion and also wear light colored clothes and a scarf to cover your face. Also make a habit to use good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes. Wearing a light colored scarf is good as it absorbs less heat.

3. Anti-ageing home remedies – There are hundreds of home remedies that can be used for anti-ageing. Applying such home remedies delay the process of ageing and makes you look younger and healthier.

4. Increase collagen and elastic production – Make sure that you increase the level of collagen and elastin which helps to prevent sagging and also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. You can also include more anti-oxidants in your diet.

5. Use products that contain retinol – Retinol is a content that reduces dullness and also reduces dryness. There are products that have retinol content. It helps to make the skin glow while making it look healthier and clearer. There are also skin serums that contain retinol.

Photo Credits: Pixabay