5 Easy tips to take care of your contact lenses

Contact lenses are great to wear, but they need good care and precautions

contact lenses

Wearing contact lenses surely takes off the load from the face. But maintaining the lenses can be a little tricky. Wearing lenses makes it vulnerable for the eyes to catch an eye infection. Contact lenses are now commonly used and are usually handy when people are exercising, traveling or are prone to break their spectacles often. Here are a few tips to take good care of the lenses.

1. Do not overuse the contact lenses – All contact lenses come with a prescribed time and they should not be used beyond a limit. It is recommended that the lenses should be worn only up to the time the professionals recommend.

2. Use contact lens solution for cleaning – It is essential to clean the lenses after every use. It is not recommended to use tap water or anything else than the contact lens solution for cleaning. Usage of any other liquid would make it vulnerable to infection.

3. Do not share the contact lenses –  Lenses are made according to the personal use and are not meant to be shared with another individual. This can lead to a risk of infection to both the individuals who are sharing.

4. Do not sleep with contact lenses on – Before going to bed, it is always recommended that the lenses are removed. If they are not removed it can lead to redness in the eyes and might even lead to an infection.

5. Avoid touch of contact lenses with water – Before you take a shower, it is recommended to remove the lenses. If the contact lenses come in contact with water, then it can cause infection and might even lead to a loss of vision.

Apart from proper care of the Lenses, it is also essential to read the instructions carefully. They should be replaced as per the schedule that is given by the professionals.

Photo Credits: Unsplash