Benefits of including cardamom in diet for High Blood Pressure patients

Cardamom is a spice that can be beneficial for the patients who suffer from high blood pressure


The condition of High Blood Pressure is when the flow of the blood through the blood vessels is higher than normal. Though the condition is a common ailment, people consider it as a disease and often do not realize that they actually suffer from it. The reason behind this is that the symptoms do not really come up unless it becomes severe. It is also called as hypertension and if it is left untreated then it can lead to other health issues that can be fatal. There are medicines that help to treat the condition, but what if there is a natural way to treat this. Cardamom is one of the most common spices that can be found in any household.

The spice is rich in anti-oxidants that help to lower the high BP levels. Cardamom also contains properties that helps the patients with high blood pressure to pass urine. Due to such properties, high levels of sodium are allowed to make an exit from the body. Sodium is a mineral that can be harmful for a patient with high BP and is commonly found in salt, which is the reason, the patients are asked to have less or no salt in their food.

Even a few studies by experts have talked about the benefits of consuming cardamom as it helps to bring down high BP levels and other issues that are related to the heart. The spice has a very versatile characteristic and can be consumed by adding them in various foods like tea, milk shakes, desserts or can also be just popped in to the mouth as a mouth-freshener.

Patients suffering from high BP should also consume foods that are rich in potassium as it helps to bring down the adverse effect of sodium. Apart from diet, high BP patients should indulge in regular exercise at least thrice a week.

Photo Credits: Pixabay