Eating cheese could cause breast cancer

Daisy products have estrogen and can lead to a risk of breast cancer


Breast Cancer Awareness has been a hot topic since the number of cases have noticeably increased. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and physicians from the a committee have petitioned that the Food and Drug Administration should put a warning label on cheese. The committee here in the petition has argued that the dairy products can have adverse effects on health and can lead to breast cancer.

Due to the above threat the committee has requested a label that will have the warning that states that such products have reproductive hormones can increase the risk of breast cancer. The petition was given on October 3, 2019 and if the petition to add the warning label is accepted then the manufacturers of cheese will have to include the warning label on all of its products that include dairy cheese. Apart from the petition the community has also been audible about preventative medicine.

Dairy products contain estrogen and they increase the risk of breast cancer as well. The hormones become densely concentrated due to the concentration of milk. In the past, many studies have been published which has shown evidence that dairy can be harmful and be linked to breast cancer. The United States is a country that is highly affected by breast cancer. During the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, several companies come up to talk about their contributions towards the causes and also put up a pink ribbon on the products that show support for cancer. It is not just with Breast cancer, but dairy has also been linked to other health issues like acne.

Due to such adverse effects, many communities are now spreading awareness about going vegan that can help in avoiding breast cancer. There are several benefits of going vegan on overall health and is also good for the health of the planet. A diet that contains only vegetables can be good to maintain a good health.

Photo Credits: Pixabay