5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Child Healthy and Fit

Child Healthy

Are you always concerned about keeping your child healthy?

Every caring parent always looks out for ways to keep their child healthy. A new parent or caregiver can get very anxious if their child is unwell, so following a few basic tips will help keep your little one healthy while keeping your mind at ease.

Here are 5 ways to keep your child healthy:

1. Sleeping Timetable

A child between 0 – 6 months should have 15 – 18 hours of sleep because a child grows faster at this age. Therefore he, or she, should spend most of the time resting. A teenager should get 8 – 10 sleeping hours every day. This allows the body to regain quickly from sickness or fight infections. This also helps in soothing emotions.

2. Avoid Germs

Encourage your child to wash their hands frequently after visiting washrooms and before meals. Teach your child how to cover the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. This helps in preventing the spread of germs. Warn your child not to share personal items like towels and razors with their friends.

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3. Regular Exercise

Take your child to a sports camp to choose the kind of game he/she is interested in. Then register your child to join a local sports club. This will help your child get atleast a minimum of 60 minutes of physical exercise per day. Ensure your child stays most of the time outdoors and also encourage him/her to do daily chores, play with your home pet and be involved in keeping the home clean. Physical activity is also essential for mental health.


4.Talk to Them About Peer Pressure

Encourage your child to be confident in his/ her decisions and doing what he/she thinks is right even if  friends are against them. Teach methods on how to say no when his/ her friends tend to force your child to participate in immoral behaviors. Encourage your son/daughter to choose friends wisely and make sure your child is surrounded by better people.

5. Learn to Say ‘I Love You’ to Your Child

Tell your child that you love him or her and do it without expecting anything in return. The love to your child should be unconditional especially when they are babies. Boys and girls as they grow, they will challenge us, displease us, and make mistakes but after all , you should always love your child and teach them to do the right thing.

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