Toys R Us launches new website for holiday season

The new website by Toys R Us will give a detailed idea about its products and redirect customers to Target

toys r us

Baby products and toy retailer Toys R Us is once again ready for the upcoming holiday season. The retailer , which is currently going through a rough financial phase has launched its new website. Before the customer think that it might be something new for the online purchasers, but the site will not allow the users to make any purchases but better known as an online experience. People who are interested to buy will be redirected to the retail giant Target. This means that Toys R Us has joined hands with Target for a new experience for the customers who are researching online.

Toys R Us has made a site that will provide detailed reviews of the products along with the list of toys which are new and trending. The site will also see gifts for kids of all ages. The new site has been announced on October 8, 2019 and purchasers who wish to purchase will be directed to the site of Target with a transaction gateway. The company recently filed for bankruptcy and shut down all of its US stores and also shed its employees in thousands.

True Kids Brands has bought the remaining assets of Toys R Us. Richard Barry, the merchandising executive at Toys R Us explained that they are trying hard with a strategy in the US to put their brand back to the market, in a rather new way. Barry added that they have conceptualized a vision which is experimental yet rich in terms of content. The merchandiser added that the retail giant Target will work as the guiding star to help them deliver such an experience that they have imagined in terms of toy assortment. The company will also be working in its digital strength segment and is also looking forward to help its customers shop for what they exactly wish within a few hours.

Toys R Us is also planning to open two new stores in Texas, Houston and New Jersey where the new products will be available.

Photo Credits: Pixabay