YouTube Music subscribers are offered Google Home Mini

Some of the YouTube Music subscribers are being offered the Google Home Mini speaker

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Getting promos and discounts on gadgets from companies is a common practice. But what of a device is offered for free? Subscribers of YouTube Music  are now being treated with the Made By Google speaker for free. Yes you heard it right. But the criteria here is that you have to be a YouTube Music subscriber. Some of the members of the music streaming service are being offered a gift which is the smart speaker that is priced at $49. However, reports say that till now just one user from Germany has got the ‘redeem now’ message from the company.

This looks similar to the process  with the Google One, where the user got a promo code to be shown at the local Google Store. The shipping of the product would be the same like it is done for other gadgets. The One promo was started off in the US before it was spread in the UK and also in other parts of Europe. The YouTube Music Premium subscription is priced at $9.99 and the entire YouTube Premium that has all the benefits  which are applied to all the videos is priced at $11.99.

It is surely a good benefit for the search engine to offer the speaker for free for the premium subscribers. But while talking about offering the free YouTube Music Home Mini, it is still not clear on how selective the search engine is. Amidst the offer, there are reports that Google is all set to unveil the Nest Mini due to be released in October, 2019. The Nest Mini will take the place of the current Home Mini and will be unveiled at the Made By Google event.

Audio lovers are expecting some improvements in terms of sound and  also an affordable price along with an ability to be hanged on the wall.

Photo Credits: Pixabay