Disney World will soon serve plant based meals

Disney World is also going by the trend of going vegan by introducing plant-based meals at the parks

disney world

Entertainment complex Disney World has got something special in store for the vegans. The brand made an announcement that the vegans would be having an option to  be able to indulge in a variety of plant-based meals at its restaurants. The plant-based meals will also be served at the quick meal outlets at Walt Disney Florida as well as the Disneyland Resort, California. The blog of the company has boasted that the restaurant menu will have more than 400 plant-based meal items that are made by ingredients that are plant based.

The plant-based ingredients will include fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables and legumes and  all the vegan dishes will be cooked without dairy, eggs, honey or animal meat. The new restaurant menus will be applicable from October 1, 2019 at the quick service outlets and from October 3, 2019 at the restaurants that have table services. The company has also assured that the plant-based food will also be included in the menus in West Coast by  2020. The dishes on the menu can be identified by the guests with a green leaf sign in front of the name.

The fresh changes have been made as plant-based meals are trending among people who are now more turning towards going vegan and health conscious. The trend is growing fast in the fast food segment and more and more companies are indulging in introducing new plant-based dishes to attract the foodies. Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat are the companies that sell plant-based burgers at restaurants as well as grocery stores.

Even Del Taco, the California based Taco chain is doing well with its meatless tacos on its menu. It is noticed that most of the customers who order meatless meals, are not strictly vegans but are just trying something new and are trying to adopt a new taste. Still the sale for plant-based foods are up by 11 percent in 2019.

Photo Credits: Pixabay