5 facts to know before you get a hair color

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before getting a hair color done

hair color

A make-over can give anyone a good boost in confidence. Many opt for a good and bold hair color that brings a fresh make-over. However, before you actually go for a new and a wild hair color, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

1. Be prepared to get color everywhere – Once you get a wild color on your hair, you need to refrain from wearing white or lighter shades of clothes, as the color is bound to leak from your hair on to the clothes and ruin them. The hair color here is meant to be permanent and so it is going to be tough to get it off the clothes.

2. You might have to bleach your hair – If you have a dark color hair, then there are high possibilities of the hair color to show and this is the reason you might to have to bleach your hair. This might be especially essential for the poppy shades like purple, pinks and blues.

3. Can be expensive to maintain – Once your hair is bleached and colored, then you will need special products to maintain them. Colored hair, can easily get dry and frizzy so you need to be gentle on it to make sure they look good and healthy and the color stays longer.

4. Wash hair in cold water – Cold showers can be tough for many people, but it is best for colored hair. Cold water slows down the process of fading and ensures that the color stays for a longer time.

5. Color will eventually fade – There are some colors that can last for months, but some of the poppy shades like pinks, purples and greens, it barely lasts for a month. When it fades out, sometimes it looks terrible, but if you are lucky, then you can also carry it off as an ombre shade.

Photo Credits: Pixabay