5 Effective home remedies to get rid of viral fever

Home remedies are the best compared to medicines to get rid of viral fever

viral fever

The weather these days has become unpredictable and has gone from bad to worse. As a result almost everyone falls ill due to poor metabolism or other factors and fall prey to the changing weather conditions. Viral fever has in recent times massively caught up many individuals. Some of the common symptoms include feeling extremely weak, fever, cough, constant sneezing and more. Here are a few DIY (Do It Yourself) home remedies to get rid of the viral fever and hat also helps in building a good body metabolism.

1. Basil leaves concoction – Boil a bunch of basil leaves with jaggery, few corns of black pepper, one inch ginger, half cup mint leaves, a few drops of lemon and half cup of water. Bring the mixture to simmer and sip it while it is piping hot. Drink this concoction everyday and remain healthy through the season.

2. Lemon, cinnamon and honey – Take half a teaspoon of honey and add a few drops of lemon, and a pinch of cinnamon powder to it. Mix the ingredients well and have this syrup twice a day for best results and relief.

3. Lemon and honey tea – For instant relief, a warm cup of lemon and honey tea is not just tasty but also effective. Boil a cup of water and add honey now add some sugar with basil leaves. Pour the preparation in to a cup and add a few drops of lemon. Drink this twice a day and see the benefits of it within a few days.

4. Ginger and basil – Extract juice from one inch of ginger and boil it with a cup of water. Add crushed basil leaves with honey. Simmer the decoction for 30 seconds and turn off the heat. Drink this preparation twice a day for best results.

5. Jaggery syrup – This one is for those who suffer from a sore throat. Boil a cup of water and add a spoon of jaggery to it with a few corns of black pepper and cumin. Consume this preparation twice a day.

Photo Credits: Pixabay