6 Reasons why adopting a pet is better than buying one

Adopting a pet is much better than buying one as you are giving a home to a needy animal


Having a good breed as a pet might be a good status symbol, but a rescued pet actually means true love for animals. Those who own one, know that they are not just someone , but are a part of the family and also out companion. They provide us with emotional support and love you in ways that no one else can. Pets keep you busy and also come with a huge responsibility. Having a pet is like having a baby in the house that needs to be trained, fed and cleaned after. When you decided to get a furry friend at home, you need to decide if you want to buy a furry friend or adopt. Here are a few reasons why adopting is the right way to go.

1.Adoption means saving a life – When you adopt a pooch, you are saving a life. There are many animals who lose their lives in accidents or starve to death. By adopting one, you are giving a life to a needy dog or a cat.

2. You save money – Adopting a pet means you save a lot of money that you would have spent while adopting a pet.

3. More space in shelters for needy animals – Adopting an animal makes space for the needy animals in the animal shelter. When you give a home to one animal, you create more space for rescues. You end up take the load off the NGO or shelter’s hand

4. The animal gets a family – A homeless animal gets a home and also a loving family to go with.

5. You take a stand against cruel breeders – When you adopt an animal, you take a stand against a breeder who treats animals with cruelty and as a money-making machine.

6. Adopted pets show more gratitude and love – When a homeless animal is adopted, they look up to you and thank you everyday for saving them.

Photo Credits: Pixabay