Is starving good for weight loss?

Starving can actually be harmful for the body and might not contribute to a healthy weight loss


Weight loss is good for everyone, especially those who are overweight. Constant workout and eating the right diet, promotes weight loss. Starving is also a great way to lose the extra flab quickly but it is not how you should be doing. Staring your body to lose weight is equal to putting your body at risk and making it suffer. Many times it happens that people do not find time to burn those extra inches, but still cannot stay the way they are. This is when they think that starving might be a great idea.

Weight loss regime requires us to calculate the amount of calorie intake and the calories that are burnt. But some find it easier if they do not intake any calories. In this way many think that they have burnt more fat and calories will lose weight quicker, as per the requirement. However, this may not be the right way of doing things. It can do more harm to the body than you can ever expect.

When the body is made to starve, all the energy is lost and you begin to feel weak and fatigued. This also leads to a muscle mass. Such a process does not help in losing fat but you end up losing muscle mass and body mass index. Losing muscle mass can be a reason behind the loss of bone density. This weakens the bones and makes the person prone to fractures and accidents to even minor jerks. Not eating at all, can also affect the metabolism of the body. This is also one of the biggest reasons people who starve themselves, end up putting on more weight once they start eating again. They gain weight rapidly and end up being unfit and unhealthy.

Not eating enough food can also make your body lack nutrition. Starving for weight loss also become the biggest cause of eating disorders.

Photo Credits: Pixabay