5 Quick remedies to get rid of a headache

5 Easy and quick remedies to get rid of a troublesome headache


Headache is very common condition and there are many medications that are easily available to cure them. Many people also go for the natural remedies to deal with it. Such a sensation can interrupt with personal as well as professional lives. In this busy world when we have no time to take rest, here are a few easy as well as effective ways of getting rid of headaches.

1. Massage temple area of the forehead – Massaging the temple area of the forehead can help to get you some relief. Peppermint oil is best for massage and also promotes blood flow that ultimately leads to pain relief. The artery that supplies to blood the lining of the brain is behind the bone at the temple area. During a migraine, the lining gets inflamed so ice can help to lower the temperature in the area and this can stop the uncomfortable sensation.

2. Drink water – Dehydration is one of the major reasons why the person might be suffering from a headache. It is also a sign that the body might be lacking water. If you are experiencing headache, drink plenty of water or eat water-rich fruits like watermelon. Rehydrating can relieve you of the pain.

3. Drink coffee or ginger tea – Another reason for headache can be expansion of the blood vessels. Caffeine content in coffee and ginger tea have anti-inflammatory properties and have the abilities to constrict the blood vessels and can alleviate the pain.

4. Have a hot shower – A hot shower helps to loosen up and relax the tensed muscles especially of the neck and the back region. If needed, you can add some Epsom salt while having bath as it gives a calming effect.

5. Have spicy food – This might sound a little surprising but adding some spice to the meal can also come to your rescue. Addition of spice especially cayenne can help as this ingredient controls pain perception.

Photo Credits: Pixabay